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Our Team


Becky Thomas MSEd

Becky Thomas attended SUNY Cortland where she achieved her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. After working as a first grade ICT teacher in a Brooklyn Public School she began her master’s in Infancy and Family Development with Early Childhood Special Education from Bank Street College. Since graduating she has worked with Head Start and as a SEIT throughout the city. She helped found the Meeting House Jr’s social skills program and worked at the Bank Street Buddies social skills program. Becky also provides professional development to other SEITs and teachers while always expanding her repertoire of teaching tools.


Krista Wilbur MSEd

Krista Wilbur has over 10 years of experience working with children with special needs through Bank Street College of Education. Krista has a range of experience including as a classroom teacher, a SEIT, and SEIT supervisor. She has also led social groups for children 2-5 years old for over three years. She received her Masters in Education from Bank Street College where she studied Infant and Parent Development Early Childhood and Special Education. She also has her certification in DIR/Floortime. One of Krista’s main objectives is to create meaningful experiences for each individual child. Krista’s interest in yoga and mindful practices inform her work and these practices are used to connect children with their inner strengths. She enjoys finding these foundational elements and working with them to aid personal growth. She is a parent of two young children and lives in Brooklyn NY. For more information about Krista please visit


Kristin Short LMHC

Kristin is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), providing group counseling, individual counseling, and play therapy to children & adolescents in school and at home. In addition to working closely with children, she provides parent coaching. She holds a Master’s degree in Counseling from The Johns Hopkins University, and has been practicing for over 11 years. Kristin’s specialty is working with children who struggle with emotional/mood regulation, ADHD, behavioral issues, aggression, depression and anxiety. Kristin strongly believes that effective communication and collaboration among the group leaders, parents, caregivers, other providers and school staff gives children a greater chance to gain confidence and become self-aware, making behavior modification possible. Kristin is a mom of 2 children, ages 5 and 7.


Natalia Renteria Mosquera


Natalia Renteria Mosquera is a Bilingual teacher, who obtained a degree in Early childhood education and a minor in Psychology from Nyack College. Teaching in an environment that encourages children to explore and ask questions about the world around them, she has been able to create and contribute to a child lead curriculums for the past five years. This year Natalia is founding a Spanish enrichment program at Plymouth Church School. Natalia will offer children the opportunity to fall in love with her native Colombian culture: its language, music, and food. Natalia has also established a sitter agency that provided local families the flexibility of hiring a last minute college student sitters. Currently, Natalia is enjoying working a variety of settings such as the PlayGroup as she begins her Master's in Early Childhood Special Education.